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Wedding Photographer Exeter

A wedding is the start of a beautiful journey between soulmates who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. That is why you need to make sure everything is perfect on the D-Day starting from flowers, themes, place settings, décor, the outfits, and so on. One of the most crucial aspects during this time is to choose a proper venue along with a high-end wedding photographer in Exeter – a poor choice can ruin your entire wedding, so you need to explore options, weigh the pros & cons, and then make up your mind.

Exeter and its historical significance

If you want to get married somewhere with breathtaking vistas, stunning scenery, and lovely locations, then Exeter, Devon is one of your best choices. You also have ample wedding venues to take your pick from. The historic city is on the Exe River and northeast of Plymouth, and is dotted with prominent buildings and landmarks that make it a popular destination for tourists. The residents are hospitable and very friendly, so it won’t take long for you to feel at home. Originally thought to be a vital trading city due to Roman coins being found here, the ownership of this place has changed numerous hands starting from the Saxons to the Danes and then the Normans. A lot of construction went on here that included a wall and Rougemont castle. Some of the main tourist sites in Exeter include the cathedral which was built in 1050. Exeter was considered to have better protection from pirates so the Bishop's seat was moved there. The customs house is situated along the quay and is one of the oldest brick buildings in the area.

Amazing wedding venues for Exeter Photographer

As discussed above, there are many wedding venue options. These include upmarket chain hotels, quaint hidden inns and churches in village locations, the spectacular cathedral in Exeter, and few castles too, some dating back centuries. This exhaustive range of different options means that there is a venue for every type and style of wedding. It's definitely worthwhile investing your time and energies researching the range of hotels and different venue types. Getting married in Exeter guarantees a wedding day to remember.

Wedding photography – memories are evergreen

An important part of a wedding is the photography, because every couple would want to treasure the memories of this glorious day forever. That is why you need to hire a wedding photographer in Exeter without further delay, so there is no issue with your booking. At Perfect Pictures, prioritise all clients equally, which is why we request you to book the dates as early as possible to make sure there is no overlap with another event. Our work is not taking photographs – it is about locking away those precious moments such as your first kiss, the first dance with parents, smashing cake into each other’s faces, throwing the wedding bouquet, and so on. We strive to provide the best quality of photos at reasonable prices. Remember this is your day – everything should be documented as closely as possible, so you can look back upon this day fondly. This is one of the best days of your life that you get to celebrate with near and dear ones, some who have come down from far to attend the ceremony. These gestures and sentiments should be captured with perfection, and we will make sure it is done the right way, so there is no scope for complaints.

You are our top priority

No job is too big or too small for us, and we also realise every couple has different preferences and specifications while creating their photo album. It is our responsibility to adjust as per your requirements – not the other way round, so we will do everything to accommodate every suggestion, input, and feedback provided by you, so that you are happy with the end result.

Print options galore

How do you want the photos to look like? Would you like a specific tone? What style would you prefer? As wedding photographers (Exeter), specialise in traditional, modern, and even fusion photography. For best results we would recommend a mix of posed portraits and reportage photography. Portraits are reserved for the bride and groom during the ceremony and group shots with family and friends. This is exactly why a scenic venue is necessary – we can keep tweaking the backdrop and capture a variety of incredible shots with changes in scenery, lighting, and so on. Slight modifications of these elements can product remarkable results, which only serve to improve the images. If the weather is on your side, we would suggest both ceremony and reception to be held outdoors – the window of opportunity when it comes to gorgeous photographs is practically unlimited in such cases. On the other hand, some couples prefer a more natural and relaxed approach as opposed to portrait photography that is planned and detailed from beforehand. Reportage photos will include spontaneous and sudden moments when the subjects don’t consciously pose for the camera – it comprises candid shots. We pay a lot of attention to trivial details while clicking snaps in reportage style. Your wedding photographer (Exeter) is quick on his feet and will capture all those fleeting moments that change into lovely memories. If you wish to be slightly unconventional, we can set up a photo booth as well. Everyone can enjoy and a gala time making funny faces and impressions while clicking pictures. It is quite exciting, and allows guests as well as the bride and groom, along with their families to let loose and have fun. Cute props are provided too – we want you to have the time of your lives! Wouldn’t it make an interesting addition to your wedding photo album? A good dose of laughter is always welcome!

Why hire Perfect Pictures as you Exeter wedding photographer?

That is a good question considering there are numerous other choices – some of who might offer the same services at lesser rates. This is where the quality of work comes into play. As a photographer (Exeter), we offer a guarantee that our photographs will not only meet but also exceed your expectations. We have a pre-set standard that we adhere to, and constantly work on bettering, so as to provide you with the best possible photography service. We take our craft seriously, and stand behind our work.

Hello everyone

Hi, this is Shane here, and with 7 years of experience in photography, I have come to master the ins and outs. It is no longer just my profession, but my passion as well. Being an Exeter wedding photographer, I use only the latest equipment such as high-end cameras incorporated with cutting edge technology so the quality of photos is not compromised in any way. Getting the best shot is essential in my line of work – a missed angle can totally spoil the overall photo. But I can safely reassure that this won’t happen as I have gained enough expertise and confidence to prevent such scenarios. If you feel uneasy and self-conscious in front of the camera, due to nerves or any other reason, I will make sure it doesn’t impact the photo sessions. I will help you relax and calm down, so you can enjoy the photo shoots – the same goes for everyone, from the bride and groom to family and friends and even the kids.

Speedy delivery options

While the backdrop does work wonders, it is also up to the wedding photographer (Exeter) to inject his creativity and apply skills to transform an ordinary image into something magical. When you look at a photo and something holds you attention, but you aren’t able to figure out what, that is when I have done my job well. It is the little things that matter the most. The photos are handed over at the end of the day – you have several print options to select from, along with numerous photos shot throughout the day. The images belong to you, so you have the full right to decide about how to use them – a memory stick or DVD is provided along with a full license, giving you the freedom to print or make a digital album, as per your choice.

What can you expect?

I am fortunate to have acquired a stellar reputation thanks to my clients and their constant referrals. If you want references, I will gladly provide them so you can talk to them regarding the work I did as a wedding photographer (Exeter). Being a member of the Guild of photographers, my work has been studied and evaluated by both national and international photographers. If you are convinced that you want to work with Perfect Pictures, we will take the next step by meeting you. This is done so we can understand exactly what you want – it is imperative to know more about your likes and dislikes during this appointment. The initial consultation is absolutely free of charge, and you aren’t obligated to hire us if you don’t feel comfortable after the meeting. In case you need more persuasion, please check out our portfolio on this website. You can either get in touch with us via phone or drop off an email – hope to hear from you soon.

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